Windows Power Management

Ok, so you’re totally frustrated by the bizarre decisions Microsoft made when they setup power management in Windows 2000 and XP. You know, the problem that power settings are a by user setting but “normal” users don’t have permissions to change them and you can’t figure out a way to manage them centrally? Yup, MS really out did themselves on this one!

So here’s how you get around it.

First, get yourself the latest copy of EZGPO from here:
(make sure it’s at least 2.01 - the older versions kinda stink)

Next, unzip it, copy the ADM into the DC’s inf folder and the MSI file into all the DC’s logon scripts folder.

Next Add the EZ_GPO.ADM template to your GPO and set your settings in both the computer section and the user section.

Don’t forget about the “prompt for password on resume” setting in the user section under system/power management. NOTE: this can only turn the prompt on. It cannot turn it off! (Another MS GO FIGURE!) If you need to turn it off you have to do it either by importing a registry key via logon script or manually user by user.

Now install the Ezgpo.MSI on each computer. You can do that via GPO or logon script but be warned! It needs admin rights to install!

After installation, reboot and logon TWICE. Yes, TWICE! it doesn’t fully implement untill after the second reboot and login cycle. Not sure if you need to be a local admin on both boots or not, I’ll update that info later.

More Notes: It seems that if you have an HP (and maybe others) you have a .default profile that plays into this as well.  It seems that when the computer goes to suspend, it picks up some settings from the .default profile and replaces what you have set with them.  Since the power settings are contained in a binary string, they aren’t really editable directly so…. My advice here is to get your power settings exatly the way you want them and export the HKCU\control panel\PowerCfg\GlobalPowerPolicy, edit the .reg file to fix the key name and then import it to HKU\.default\control panel\PowerCfg\GlobalPowerPolicy

disclaimer: If you don’t know how to add a template or what the heck GPO is, go buy a book! This isn’t a site to teach you how to administer a network for gosh sakes.


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