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Windows 10 and when shutdown isn’t really shutting down.

Windows 10 is soooo stable it doesn’t ever really need to be shutdown.  Or that appears to be the belief at Redmond these days.  Well we all know that is a big pile of manure.  In their infinite wisdom MS has set the default action of shutdown in windows 10 to turn the machine off, but not really.  The machine goes off but it saves the state  of memory so that when you turn it back on, it just picks up where it left off.  Pretty much like the old Hibernate behavior from the Windows 7 and earlier days.  But here’s the thing, they don’t tell you that’s what is happening or any obvious way of changing the behavior.  In fact the only way you find out that windows never really shuts down is that when you look in the system log, you never see an event log event stating that it was started, which means it never shut down.  Turns out this is a behavior caused by a power setting in Windows 10.  Find the Settings page for Default power buttons. (It’s under the “Chose what the power button does” heading on the left side in the power options section of control panel - at least until they move it again)  On that page the first shutdown setting item is “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” .  By default that is checked.  Uncheck that setting and from now on, when you tell your system to shutdown, not only will it power off, but when you start up, windows will actually start from scratch instead of the state it was in when you shutdown.  Off is now really off.

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