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Missing OAB in migration to Exchange 2013

If you have deployed Exchange 2013 within an environment with Exchange 2007 or 2010 already deployed, you may experienced issue when downloading OAB with Outlook for users which have been moved to Exchange 2013 (Outlook Send/Receive generates 0×8004010F An object cannot be found error or Microsoft Exchange offline address book 0X8004010F error in the synchronization issues folder).

If you check autodiscover settings via Outlook “Test E-mail Autoconfiguration” (Ctrl-Rightclick outlook icon in systray) you may see no OAB URL defined – there is no URL neither no OAB parameter.

To solve this issue, Run the following command from EMS on the Exchange 2013 server: Get-offlineaddressbook | fl WebDistributionEnabled,VirtualDirectories,Identity

If you have WebDistributionEnabled set to False and/or no value defined for VirtualDirectories, this is why you have the issue

To solve this issue, run the following command

Get-ClientAccessServer | Get-OabVirtualDirectory | fl identity to get OAB virtual directory identity (this will be required for the next command)

Set-OfflineAddressBook -VirtualDirectories “” –Identity

Wait a little bit, recycle the MSExchangeAutodiscoverAppPool and try a new autodiscover check; you should now have OAB URL parameter and value.

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