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WOL not working from new server

When moving things from an old server (that happenes to be running Windows 2008 R2 (64bit)) WOL does not seem to get to anything. It worked on the old server but not on the new one. WTF? First thoughts are something 2008 R2 related or 64bit related. It turns out it probably isn’t any of that. It’s probably the fact that newer servers tend to have multiple NICs and your older hardware only had a simgle NIC. What is going on is that even though the extra NICs aren’t used, as long as they are active (not diabled) then WOL will use one to send it’s packets. Don’t know yet how to reorder the NICs so WOL usues the active one so the simple fix is to diable the NICs that aren’t plugged in to the network. WOL then has to use the active one and it works fine. Jeesh.


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