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Restoring Exchange 2003 from a remote Backupexec 9.1 server

So this seems like it should be a fairly straight forward task.  I mean there are a ton of BE backups going on every day and a ton of exchange backups in those.  And I seriously doubt that all of the backups are running from the exchange server (unless it an SBS - but that’s a totally different animal).  But documantation and gotchas are seriously lacking here.  So, follow the bellow exactly!  Do not skip anything otherwise you will go directly to jail and will owe $200.
1)  Install the base OS.
 a) Do a parallel install or scratch install to a folder that is NOT c:\windows on the server to be restored

 2)Install the BE remote agent on the exhcnage server and make sure it is running!
 IMPORTANT!  Don’t forget this - bad things happen!

3) Restore the remote server OS from the BE server.
 Only include the C:, D: volumes and system state. Do NOT include the exchange stores.
 Before restarting, edit the Boot.ini to add back the parallel install.  IMPORTANT because it’s likely the restore will munch one or more of the drivers

4) If the server does not restart, it’s probably the video driver.
 restart in safe mode, then reinstall the correct video driver - even if it says it’s already there.

5) Once successfully restarted, start the Exchange store.
 Make sure the stores are dismounted
 In the store properties, check the setting to allow restore.

6) restore the exchange store from BE.

7) there may be misc stuff to cleanup but it should be mostly good to go.
what can happen???

If you forget to install or don’t have the remote agent running on the remote server, BE will restore the system state to the local server!  No shit!
It won’t tell you it did that - it will only fail on the volume restores but say the system state was successful.  If you see something like that - DO NOT REBOOT!�
Immediately restore the local system state from BE.  If you screwed that up, then you’ll need to do a parallel OS install.�
You will need to remove (or rename the existing MSSQL$dackupexec instance and make sure when you install BE, you install to a different directory.
Unless you want to recatalog the tape (yikes!) copy all of the *.ui1 files from the backupexec/nt/catalog folder to the new install.
Then, you will need to service pack the OS up to the level the orginal server was.  Then restore in Directory Restore mode and restore the system state.  Oh, and you have to restore the entier C: volume along with the system state to get your registry and SAM back.  Otherwise it will fail to restore with a cryptic error (eventhough it lets you select only the system state - how lmae is that??)


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MDT 2008 Lite Touch fails with wierd network errors - sometimes
You may not put two and two together but they last time you updated MDT (because MS told you you needed to… (yeah so much for trusting MS)) you actually broke it.  Now you get a Network Timeout (or a wierd access denied error) in Windows PE 2.1 when it’s trying to launch the Lite touch scripts.  Oh, and another thing about launching LiteTouch, don’t have a Windows boot CD (or any CD in the CD drive.  For some wierd reason WPEInit will see that and fail to launch the LiteTouch Script. (no I havn’t figured out why yet)

You get the following error message in MDT 2008 Lite Touch Deployment even though you have the correct nic drivers in Windows PE and the correct bootstrap.ini settings. “A connection to the deployment share \\Server\Distribution$ could not be made. The Deployment will not proceed”  upon further investigation you find out that you get an access denied error when you try to list the \\server\distribuiton$\ directory.  BUT! if you do a Net Use mapping to the folder, it works just fine!  WTF?  AND, it works on some models of computer but not on others.  More WTF?

A network initializion timeout issue in wpeinit.exe in Windows PE 2.1 causes MDT 2008 Lite Touch Deployments to fail.

Give WIndows PE 2.1 a few more seconds by editing startnet.cmd on your LiteTouch_x86.wim (or iso) to look like below.  (It’s in the windows/system32 directory) (Use Imagex /mountrw LiteTouch.wim 1 d:\image to mount the WIM) (Don’t forget to ImageX /Unmount d:\image when you’re done)


wpeutil InitializeNetwork
ping localhost or Pause (or any other command that does nothing but takes a few seconds to complete)

If you want the Deployment Workbench to include the updated startnet.cmd every time you update the Deployment Point just follow the below steps

Configure MDT to use the updated startnet.cmd

  1. Create a folder named ExtraFiles\Windows\System32 in the distribution share and copy the updated startnet.cmd to it.
  2. In the Deployment Workbench, right-click the Deployment Point and select Properties.
  3. In the Windows PE Tab, in the Extra directory to add textbox, type in D:\ExtraFiles
  4. Click OK
  5. Regenerate the WIM files and don’t forget to rebuild the Boot images in WDS otherwise your changes won’t take effect.


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