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Converting Roaming Profiles to Mandatory Profiles

When doing the official MS method for creating mandatory profiles, you used to be able to take advantage of a little flaw in XP where XP neglected to remove the cached roaming profile even though you told it to via GPO. Well, they fixed that for the most part in Vista and so now it really does remove the cached profile when you tell it to. So now, everytime you need to refresh your mandatory profiles, you pretty much have to start from scratch creating a new local profile. If only you could convert the mandatory profile back to a roaming one, make the changes then reconvert it back to mandatory! Life would be so much simpler. Guess what there is a way! Go ahead and create or change the roaming profile that is your base, log off to save it to the server. Now simply copy it to where you keep the mandatory profile, fix the permissions on all the files and subfolders, rename ntuser.dat to and whala! you’re done. er….. almost. You probably remember that didnt freakin work. It turns out that all you were missing was to fix the permissions inside the registry. Yup, they’re still set to only allow the user you saved the roaming profile as access to the registry. So, now all you need to do is fire up regedit, load the hive, remove the roaming user, and add the group you want to be able to use the mandatory profile, unload the hive back to the mandatory profile folder - and NOW you’re done! so why doesn’t MS tell you you can do it that way instead of the rigamarole they have you go through???? Because they are MS of course.


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The user profile service service failed to logon

This is another Vista goodie. All us anal retentive network nazi’s have the habit of cleaning up old profiles from desktop computers when we run accross them. the simplest way was to simply delete the profile folders from the Documents and Settings folder in XP or 2000. As you probably know by now, documents and settings has been replaced by the OSXesq Users folder. So you figure you can do the same thing in this folder. Well, you can, but you are stting up a potential problem in the future. It seems that the registry keeps track of all the users that have every logged on to a machine. Now if you’ve deleted the user’s profile contents by simply deleting their profile folder, then when you try to log into the machine using that profile, Vista barks at you with the titled error. You think WTF? this user can log into every other computer, and other users can log into this computer!!! The fix to this is to go into the registry and remove the references to the deleted profiles. The profile list can be found here: HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent VersionProfileList The prevention is to log into the machine as a local adminitrator and go in to the computer’s Advanced properties and delete the profile from there. that way the folder AND the registry entries will be removed.

Just another “helpfull” feature of Vista…


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Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0

Don’t DO it!!!! In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Adobe’s realease 9.0 of acrobat reader cause lots of problems. Known issue #1 - In Vista with IE 7 and a normal user, Reader won’t launch inline in the IE browser window - it just hangs with a blank page. The work around for this has been to turn off the browser integration so Reader launches in it’s own window.

Known Issue #2 - If you have redirected your Application Data folder to a network share, 9.0 has a hissy fit and errors out on open.

The fix to all of this??? why it’s Acrobat reader 9.1 of course! Just another example of why you should be very cautious with dot zero releases. And, cynically, another example of the rediculous buggy bloat that is all things adobe. Yes Adobe seems to be contending with the king of bloat (MS) for the crown. I think they might even get it very soon!

PS: Version 9.1 does indeed fix both of the problems.  HOWEVER, it unintentionally breaks it’s self again.  Or more correctly, it tries to use something that is broken in Vista.  so, when you install 9.1, make sure to install hot fix 228839  available here:

This fixes a problem that shows up when you are using roaming or mandatory profiles and Vista doesn’t create all of the local temp folders.  It’s especially bad if you clear the cached profiles at logout.

Gone insane yet??????

More insanity…

Ok, so the hotfix listed above does indeed fix the problem.  But ONLY for VISTA SP1 !!!  The hot fix won’t install in SP2.  Not only that, but if you do have the hotfix installed (or any other hotfix for that matter) SP2 won’t install via WSUS.  AND MS broke the Local/Low folder generation for situations of folder redirection in SP2 again.  So, basically I give up waiting for MS to fix this and keep it fixed so if you just add the following line to your logon scripts it will create the missing folder if  the logon process doesn’t.  Maybe some day MS will get their head out of their A@# and actually get this fixed (Yes this has been frustrating).

If not exist %userprofile%\appdata\locallow md %userprofile%\appdata\LocalLow



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