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Vista, Outlook 2007 and RPC over HTTP

Ok, here’s a fun little tidbit.  You’ve been setting up Outlook 2003 and 2007 to operate remotely over HTTP for quite a while now.  You even think you know what you are doing!  And then along comes a problem out of the blue that makes no sense.  After all, you’ve done this lots of times before.  Here’s the situation…. Outlook 2007, Vista, RPC over HTTP, AND self signed certificates.  and the error message is: “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server ….” and ends with “(Error code 8 )”.  You, being a smarty pants, realize that you probably forgot to install the certificate.  So, you go ahead pop open IE, go to your OWA page, click on the cert warning and install it - click, click, click, done.  Something you’ve done a thousand times right?  You try Outlook again and - dang it! It still doesn’t work!  Same error.  WTF?  Well, what happened is that Vista puts your self signed cert in the Intermediate category (one of those clicks told IE to put it in the default category) and Outlook 2007 needs the cert to be in the Trusted Root category.  Picky, picky, picky.  Solution?  Watch where you install the cert to when you install it!  But if you already messed that up, then open MMC, add the cert snapin for personal use, then drag the cert from the intermediate folder to the trusted root folder.  Bang done, Outlook 2007 works!  So, now you ask: “Why does MS need to go around messing with stuff like this????”   Ah, now if I had the answer to that!!!!…..


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