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My resolution keeps changing - Why???

So you got a new LCD monitor and it’s really cool!  But now you have an annoying problem.  The default resolution of the new monitor is WAAAYYYY too tiny for your ancient decrepit eyeballs.  So, being smarter than the average bear, you change it to something less tiny (even though it’s fuzzier and more jagged because the LCD monitor isn’t designed to do that).  All is well until you turn your computer off because when you turn it back on, it goes back to the tiny default resolution!!!  WTF???  So you change it back again and it changes back to default at next logon and so the battle goes on.  Forever.  Untill you get so fed up you search the internet and find this post. 

Here’s what is likely going on.  You probably have a HP or Compaq computer.  And you are probably running the OS that was originally installed on the computer.  If this is true, then you likely have a little service program running called setrefresh.exe  The job of this program is to find and set the optimal display refresh rate based on what the montior says is the best refresh rate.  However, some of the smarter monitors state what the best resolution is as well and setrefresh goes ahead and chages that as well.  So if you don’t have an HP or Compaq or you’ve installed the OS yourself or you don’t have a particularly smart monitor, you’re probably not even reading this because you probably don’t have this problem.  But if you are, then just regedit the sucker away.  It’s in HKLM/software/microsoft/windows/current version/run.

Oh and by the way, it seems that some jerk decided it would be fun to use setrefresh as an attack vector so it may not be a compaq program anymore but rather some peice of malware.  Another reason to get rid of it.

Update:  HP changed the name of the program on newer machines.  It’s now called CPQSET.exe 


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