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IBM Client Access in Windows 7

Yet another older program having issues in windows 7. This time the program runs well enough, it’s just that it doesn’t seem to complete the installation and you don’t find that out until you log in as a non-admin user. You get a message “An Administrator must logon after restarting windows to complete the installation” .  The wierd part is you don’t get that mesage when logging on as an admin. It seems that UAC is getting in the way of client access install finishing up registering some DLLs that you don’t really need anyway.  To help CA install cleanup you simply need to go to c:\programs files\ibm\client access\ and run cwbsreg.exe as administrator.  That will register four dlls, clear the marker file and remove it’s self from the HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run key. This is for Client access 5.3  It may be applicable to other versions but I’ve not tested that.



SQL 2008 Sillyness

In server 2008 (and probably other versions as well) if you need to add a user or group local to the server as an SQL user, you get the following lovely error: “Error 15401: Windows NT user or group ‘%s’ not found. Check the name again. ” Domain accounts add fine, but not local accounts. Well, SOME local accounts add fine but other ones don’t Now isn’t that silly? Turns out that any predefined local accounts or groups like “administrators” or “system” need to use the domain “BUILTIN” and not the server name as the domain preface. Problem solv-ed.


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Older Autocads in Windows XP

Yep - yet another older program that needs a little bit of help to run in Windows XP without being a local Administrator.  To Get it to work right here’s what ya gotta do….

Grant the Users group Modify permissions to: C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT98

For Autocad 2002 Modify the permissions on the following folder: C:\Program Files\Acadm 6

To fix the error: “This version of AutoCAD LT was not installed properly. You should reinstall AutoCAD LT immediately.” Open regedt32 and goto:


Click “Security - Permissions” then click the “Advanced” button. Double Click the line containing “Users - Read” and check “Set Value”, “Create Subkey”, and “Delete”.

To fix the error: “Failed to update the system registry. Please try using REGEDIT.” Open regedt32 and goto:


Click “Security - Permissions” then click the “Advanced” button. Double Click the line containing “Users - Read” and check “Set Value”, “Create Subkey”, and “Delete”.



Click “Security - Permissions” then click the “Advanced” button. Double Click the line containing “Users - Read” and check “Set Value”, “Create Subkey”, and “Delete”.

Update: For Autocad 2002 modify permissions on the following registry keys…



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Accelerated Reader and other Renaiassance Learning programs as a restricted user.

Yep, yet another annoying program that demands admin rights.  Here’s how to get around it…..

Accelerated Grammar & Spelling, Accelerated Math 2.1 and above, Accelerated Reader 6.3x, AR BookGuide, Accelerated Vocabulary, Accelerated Writer, MathFacts in a Flash, STAR Early Literacy 1.5, STAR Math 2.1x, and STAR Reading 2.4x use the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Renaissance Learning folder to store their preference files. You must give access to this Renaissance Learning folder, rather than individual files.  Grant the local Users group Modify rights to this whole folder.

Also, I usually grant the local Users group modify permissions to the folder the program installs in, but you may not need to do this depending on the version.

Lastley, if you are still having problems look for the following files (probably in the Windows or Winnt directory) and grant the Local Users group modify permission to the file.


 Specific Product files: 

Accelerated Reader 5.x and higher - ACCREADR.INI

Accelerated Math - ACCMATH.INI

AR BookGuide - AR_Bkgde.ini



STAR Early Literacy - EARLYLIT.INI

Perfect Copy - PRFCPY.INI

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Quickbooks as a Restricted (Non-Administrator) User

Yep, another annoying program that demands admin rights.  Here’s how to get around that…..

Registry permissions:

The Users group must be granted “Set Value” and “Create Subkey” on:

The Users group must be granted “Full Control” on:
File permissions:

The Users group must be granted “Modify” (write + delete) permissions on:
C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
Don’t forget, there may be a policy in place that prevents the installer from running as a normal user.  This will cause problems when applying patches or updates.  You can chose to change the installer behavior by having it run with elevated privileges.  Not neccissarily a great idea and a topic for some other time.


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