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IE 9 with romaing profiles, redirected folders and Vista/7

IE 9 has a problem when running in vista or Windows 7 and using roming profiles and redirected folders (you know, the configuration the MS tells you to do if your users move around???) Anyway, this one manifests it’s self as printing from IE 9 only prints a header and footer and nothing else. the fotter refers to a path in the user’s appdata\local\temp\low folder. when you look for that folder, you find that it didn’t get created. If you create it manually, it still doesn’t work. that’s because the integrity level isn’t set by default on anything that you create yourself. there are some MS Mr. fix-it patches available under KB973479, but they only work on the user/coputer combination you are on, they do not work at the roaming profile level. currently the only way around this is to turn off IE’s protected mode. (I know it’s not the best thing to do - but until MS un-breaks this, it’s all I’ve figured out how to fix it globally. You can turn off IE protected mode via GPO Computer (not user) policy. Administrative Templates, Windows components, Internet Explorer, Internet Control Panel, security Page, Internet Zone. Enable the policy and set protected mode to disabled.

another way around this is to add the following to the user’s login script:

If not exist %localappdata%\Temp\Low (mkdir %localappdata%\Temp\Low)
ICACLS “%localappdata%\Temp\Low” /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low



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IBM Client Access in Windows 7

Yet another older program having issues in windows 7. This time the program runs well enough, it’s just that it doesn’t seem to complete the installation and you don’t find that out until you log in as a non-admin user. You get a message “An Administrator must logon after restarting windows to complete the installation” .  The wierd part is you don’t get that mesage when logging on as an admin. It seems that UAC is getting in the way of client access install finishing up registering some DLLs that you don’t really need anyway.  To help CA install cleanup you simply need to go to c:\programs files\ibm\client access\ and run cwbsreg.exe as administrator.  That will register four dlls, clear the marker file and remove it’s self from the HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run key. This is for Client access 5.3  It may be applicable to other versions but I’ve not tested that.